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  1. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Asterisks - small things with potential

    Great little .co.uk domain here with good potential Asterisks Just one idea for this domain- This domain would be good as a site for the help with little stars (children) or small businesses with potential.? Offers please £xxx
  2. khalid

    _co_uk Tattoo Design - Over 100,000 exact searches

    Hi all, I recently purchase tattoodesign/co/uk which I have turned into a large "mini site" if that makes sense! - Singular keyword gets 49,500 exact searches per month - Plural keyword gets 165,000 exact searches per month The site has just been reconsidered by Google and now has 132 pages...
  3. khalid

    _co_uk chiropractor - one word, ranking on page 1, potential!

    Chiropractor has been posted again for re-sale... Since the last thread, which generated offers of around £4,000, Chiropractor.co.uk has since been developed into a fully functional mini-site, complete with 55 pages of unique content. The site has also jumped in the serps from page 12 to page 2...
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