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  1. danny

    Up to £1K for a Nominet EPP CLient/APP

    Hi Guys, I am looking to purchase a simple Nominet EPP Client/App. I know this request has been asked several times on here, but there’s never really been a definitive solution. I’ve hunted high and low on the web, but most off-the-shelf EPP clients out there are complex, poorly maintained...
  2. liam

    Cloudflare Domain Registrar.. At cost

    Signed up to cloudflare's new domain registrar beta and they just slowly released transfers in. They are promising "At-cost pricing for registration and renewal" All tlds as yet aren't supported but being added. 100+ as of now More info and sign up here...
  3. P

    Do I need to join Nominet as both Member & Registrar?

    Hi, Hoping someone can answer a question regarding Nominet membership. I'd like to get access to the DAC and the EPP to play around with drop-catching a little bit. Would paying the membership joining fee (£480), membership subscription fee (£60/£120) and DAC access fee (£30) get me...
  4. timter51

    Becomming a registrar with Nominet - for own use?

    I've started the application with Nominet to become a registrar. In the early stages, there are a series of questions asking you to explain, basically, how you will service your clients / registrants. Do I really have to blag my way all through that, or can I just say in each box that I will be...
  5. P

    EuroDNS promotion discount codes

    Prices are in € = Euro 1 US = € 0,77 at 5-5-2010 Code TLD Type Discount Expireres at Price With discount 20COM10 COM ANNUALPRICE 65% 1-8-2010 18,00 6,30 20ORG10 ORG ANNUALPRICE 70% 1-8-2010 18,00 5,40 GOEU70 EU ANNUALPRICE 70% 10-12-2011 18,00 5,40 20ASIA10 ASIA ANNUALPRICE 55% 1-8-2010...
  6. K

    Any good Domain Registrar on the UK market with reasonable prices?

    I'm about to register a bunch of domains (20-25), do you guys know any Registrar who is better than the other? and Why? Thanks for your input in advance B
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