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  1. D

    MovingSpeeches.com As Seen On BBC1 EastEnders

    Hi peeps, I'm an old pro with my fingers in lots of pies. I have a fantastic dot com domain name for sale "MovingSpeeches.com" that's been advertised on BBC1 EastEnders by Phil Mitchell. Just head over to the website to see the video clip, or watch the omnibus edition of Eastenders on BBC i...
  2. O

    Am I Being Scammed?

    Hello, I recently put a domain for sale on Sedo and I received an email to my personal email address (rather than communication through Sedo) from someone who expressed interest in said domain. I named my price and he got back to me with the message below, "First of all we both need a...
  3. khalid

    Premier Domain Investments E-Mails

    Anyone else getting this?
  4. D

    Bad News for Google Adwords users....

    I have just found out that they are using the very nice people ARVATO Finance (who are scamming 1&1 users - see other posts on the site) to process your Adwords payments... :eek::mad: Who knows what this means... Double payments, fake lawsuits etc...
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