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    French IDN for .tel

    Telnic will be launching French Internationalized Domain Names for tel-domains. Registrations will start on Wednesday 3rd October 2012 and all registrations will be on a first-come, first served basis with no Sunrise Period for trademark owners. Hans-Peter Oswald
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    One.tel Digi.tel

    Two highly brandable .tel domains. Please PM offers.
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    .Tel: the ultimate email address harvester for SPAMers.

    The new gtld .tel was recently released for registration by individuals. Telnic provides a limited one page template for all registered domains, which typically include email addresses in plain text (not obfuscated), thus with a list of registered domains, harvesting the information would be...
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    Tel domain landrush

    recovery.tel currys.tel pcworld.tel jessops.tel burgers.tel kebabs.tel findtaxi.tel bikes.tel flug.tel gyms.tel taxi2.tel fly2.tel future.tel futures.tel hdtv.tel technology.tel imac.tel dispatch.tel busses.tel financial.tel drink.tel fakeid.tel garage.tel...
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