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    Top tier GEO name Spain.net 1995 REG. Now on offer. BIN - £20K (will consider close offers) WHY ITS VALUABLE: - Domain history: spain.net has been sold before spain.net 40,000 USD 2011-08-03 UpMarketDNs - Highly Searched: About 3,44,00,00,000 results on Google alone. - Tourism in Spain...
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    just snagged this too. any thoughts? x
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    DomainLore Auction MasterBuilders.co.uk - 4 day auction

    MasterBuilders.co.uk No reserve. £50 start! :o http://domainlore.co.uk/auctions/gems_id/2612
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    My sites can't be recovered thereby my domain names are to be sold.

    2 domain names below are used for the websites of 'Hill Myna Global', '.com' is for English one, '.cn' is for Chinese one. I have to sell them because my websites can't be recoverd since the database is damaged. My sites are very promising with potential that more and more popular hill mynas are...
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    _co_uk disease.co.uk

    great pharma domain, last sold for £5k... listed on sedo premium auction https://www.sedo.co.uk/auction/auction_detail.php?language=e&auction_id=47605&tracked=&partnerid=
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    this puppy is listed on the sedo premium auction. awesome title, generic 4 letters. a class act all round.
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