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  1. jhm

    Will Buy: Brandable, 4 Letter, Domains (.com only)

    Will pay between £350 - £3,000, depending on domain (not end-user price). Send a DM, will respond if interested. Appreciated
  2. benjameen

    [OUTLAW] £2500 Bounty for a Catch

    Come on in Cowboys'n'girls IF you're willing to wrangle your old lasso on a random given day, you're the kind of gun I'm looking to hire. IF you're unwilling to forget what you're chasing for my reward, we don't like your kind 'round these parts. PM me your tag and email if you're...
  3. Ben Sykes

    Dropcatchers WANTED

    If you regularly catch domains then like me you probably have a few 100 domains that seemed like a good idea at the time and were the beginning of a new project that has since gone by the wayside. If you have any unwanted domains with back links or high DA score then I will buy them in bulk...
  4. bougatsa

    golf websites wanted

    Hi all, I'm looking for golf websites for sale. I'll consider anything - developed, partially develop, unloved, neglected, ugly - provided that it has 1 of the following: - keyword rich domain with half decent exacts - existing traffic - at least PR1 Budget is low £xxx. Please PM...
  5. F

    Websites wanted (Adsense)

    I am primarily looking at obtaining more Adsense sites, my budget is in the £XX to XXX region. Will consider any sites, so feel free to contact me, anything from geos to products. Please provide proof of revenue if possible. Thanks
  6. S

    Web Directory Domain Wanted

    Hello Everyone, I am interested in buying a domain that will be used for a paid web directory. Here are my specs: (1) Must be a .com domain. (2) Should be a well aged domain with at least 10 Google backlinks. (3) Should have a Google page rank of 3 or higher. (4) It would be nice if it...
  7. khalid

    Wanted - .co.uk Generics in four figure range

    Hi guys and gals, So not to waste time please read this thread carefully.... I am looking for generic, 1-2 word .co.uk domain names with 15,000 minimum exact searches per month in google for that keyword. I do not want names relating to a brand name product e.g. SonyHeadphones.co.uk Since my...
  8. khalid

    Home Related Domains Wanted

    Hello, Looking for home related names, particularly ones that could be used to start a large magazine style site. Ideas like "HomeStyle/co/uk" or "myhome/co/uk" would be cool. It needs to be general to allow writers to focus on multiple subjects. Budget is £xx £xxxx for the right...
  9. khalid

    Double Glazing / Conservatory / Roofline / Guttering

    I am looking for .co.uk only names in the following categories... Double glazing Conservatories Roofline Guttering Building Joinery Glazing The names must have exact searches of 1,000 or above per month. Budget is up to mid x,xxx. Please reply or pm with names and prices. Khalid.
  10. D

    cabs / taxi / minibus DN's wanted

    .co.uk ONLY cabs / taxi / minibus / etc etc single generic or double hyphened only no crap e.g uktaxistolenunlicenseddrivers.co.uk etc etc PM if over £1k (if we get uprated space that is!) POST if under £1k cheers
  11. T

    Admins wanted

    Am in need of admins for my chat site to help me run the chat rooms and the site it self anyone interested leave me a msg and your email or just sign up to the webiste at Crazy Love Shack and let me know thanks in advance :D
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