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16 .co.uk domains, worth time developing or just sell?

Oct 21, 2018
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Does anyone think any of these are worth either, developing, selling or forgetting ? cheers :)

== Single Word ==

Feys.co.uk = First Persons Name, Ideal for email.
Libels.co.uk = Lawyer Company - Great for TV/Radio Advertising
Argued.co.uk = Lawyer Company - Great for TV/Radio Advertising
Argues.co.uk = Lawyer Company - Great for TV/Radio Advertising
Acquits.co.uk = Lawyer Company - Great for TV/Radio Advertising
Adjustor.co.uk = Adjustor or Accountants Firm
Suffered.co.uk = Personal injury lawyer firm
Resulting.co.uk = Educational Results based website/blog
Reproduced.co.uk = Educational Results based website/blog

== Two Word ==

StepMom.co.uk = Advice for stepmoms / forum
YogaToes.co.uk = Yogatoes product top selling on eBay
BookLamp.co.uk = To sell book lamps
EthicalCare.co.uk = Care home directory or business
FindArticles.co.uk = Article directory
SurgeryAbroad.co.uk = Advice on buying surgery abroad, big, upcoming market
OfficeAccidents.co.uk = Law personal injury firm

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