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Aged General News Domain (Or Site) Wanted, Ideally With Links

Sep 17, 2012
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EDIT - Now sorted, no longer looking.

Looking for something specific to test an idea out. We're after a healthy aged general news domain - ie: not location or niche specific. Think newstoday, thenewsblog etc..

I'm not actually bothered about the name itself, so long as it fits what we need it for. Ie: we're not after a category killer.

Ideally it would have a few decent links, but we'd also take an existing healthy site even without links.

Ie: We're looking for a domain with decent links and/or one with an existing site on it. We're not really interested in a domain without links or a site.

Budget for a domain only is low £xxx. If there's a site with a smidge of search traffic then we'd maybe go up a bit more.
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Hi, are you still looking? I've got allot of domains, likely something expired with links that would suit? What sort of numbers links wise are you looking for?

I'm mainly after domains with links. Looking for something with good links. I don't care about the number, DA, DR etc.., I care about where the links are from.

I appreciate that and I pay particular interest in the quality of the links over stats that can easily be inflated, purely real sites that have quality links, does the site have to have a direct news related history? As you did mention mainly after domains with links above not specific to news, if that's the case I have good generic domains that could be repurposed for anything with strong links. Are you open to using .org.uk or just .co.uk?

Depends what it is. The links need to be relevant to a news site or a site where general news wouldn't be out of place.

I'm not interested in a generic sounding domain but where the links are all specific to a niche that doesn't relate to news. Eg: If it's GenericDomain but turns out that it used to be a plumbing site and all of the links are plumbing related, then we're not interested.
PM sent with strong news related domain, multiple wikipedia links, clean history.

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