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Announcement from the Board

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by Acorn Newsbot, Mar 21, 2021.

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    The Nominet board announces that, with its consent, Russell Haworth intends to step down from the Board and relinquish his duties as CEO. Russell will complete a short transition, arrangements for which details are being finalised. The board will announce interim leadership measures in due course.

    Mark Wood, Chair, said: “The board and I would like to thank Russell for his outstanding work as chief executive. He has ensured our domain registry is seen as a world leader, has grown a highly successful cyber business from scratch and has nearly doubled company revenues during his time in office. The board appreciates his decision to step down now at a time when it is clear the company needs to consider its future direction. Looking ahead, whatever the outcome of the Nominet EGM on Monday, we will focus on stability and continuity of service for our customers and members.”

    Russell Haworth, Nominet CEO, said: “It’s been a pleasure to lead Nominet through a period of tremendous growth and innovation. I’m proud that we were able to pursue the board’s vision to grow and diversify Nominet so effectively, while protecting and positively impacting millions of lives. Our members have made it clear that they now favour a different direction, and I respect their desire to put Nominet on a new path.”

    The EGM was called at the request of a group of members. Nominet published a seven-point plan to begin addressing the concerns raised.

    The board will continue pushing the seven-point plan into rapid implementation. The most visible first step will be our Registry Advisory Council which gives a new way for members to engage in registry matters.

    The board will also begin an extensive programme of listening to stakeholder feedback – taking care that we hear views from across our very diverse member base as well as from employees, government, clients and other stakeholders.

    In the meantime, tomorrow’s EGM will go ahead as scheduled, and the board and leadership hope that it can represent a first step towards coming together for the good of the organisation.

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    Wow. Amazing. They threw Russell under the bus but it’s too late to stop the wheels from turning. EGM represents REAL change.
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