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Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by ImageAuthors, Feb 23, 2014.

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    I'm currently running several dozen Flippa auctions.
    Many of them have no reserve.

    Some start as low as $1 -- for example

    Quite a few listings include multiple domains.
    For instance: (9 domains) (2 domains) (2 domains)
    etc. may hold some UK relevance.

    I'll be continuing to add Flippa auctions. So feel free to ask me for an updated list. Or "watch" me on Flippa to be notified when they launch.

    From time to time, I add "buy now" prices. In the past, some of my Flippa auctions have sold this way.

    My main objective is to save myself time so that I can get back to work on writing code for my own project. So if there's a particular "buy now" price you're prepared to pull the trigger on, just let me know.

    When I promote my auctions, they generally end up selling. For instance, went for $4,505; and went for $5,200 on Flippa in the past few months. But I'm okay compromising on price if I can get a quick sale and save time.

    Domains forward to the Flippa listings, which mostly contain information about CPC, search volume, and applications for development. Something like may surprise you.
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