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Betting Site & Apps For Sale

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by DarcyBrown, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. DarcyBrown United Kingdom

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    Dec 2017
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    hi All,

    I hope this is okay to do as I'm more gauging interest at the moment, but would sell if a buyer is interested.

    A few Years back I ended up with a betting website and various iphone apps associated with it.

    The site isn't up to much but is a very brand-able name.

    I have never developed it further, the apps were of more interest to me really.

    As a guide to the apps themselves:
    • There are 5 betting apps in total.
    • Combined they have had over 10,000 downloads
    • Between 500 and 1500 users per month (that have opted in to send stats to apple)

    Most installs are just from 2 of the apps which are popular. All are really UK focused.

    These are tools gamblers use rather than being able to take bets, they are useful and used.

    I do see potential here via advertising which is what the previous affiliate did. But I am a busy man so am a bit reluctant to work on these if I can't give them enough attention.

    Obviously an update will alert all down-loaders, and give a large hit to a large number of gamblers upon relaunch.

    Open to offers although would be looking for 4 figures, rightly or wrongly as I'm unsure how to value this.
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  3. DarcyBrown United Kingdom

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    Dec 2017
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    Just to update this. I am developing just 1 one site but have been working on two. The other is for sale also. Which ever sells first I will develop the other.

    A little desperate now after crashing van this week so giving this a bump.

    About The Website: BetSharks.co.uk

    It's a UK focused betting site full of good content on an aged domain name.

    I was going to make it into a huge portal covering Betting, betting tools, casino games, online poker and live poker in the UK. I do actually think the main focus should be betting tools and apps.

    The site has plenty of betting calculators which is a huge term in online betting,

    Please see the bet calculators page on the site for links to each.

    It is just starting to rank for these terms and has made it's way on to page 1 today for a couple of them.

    It will be a great resources web site for this and it should be the main focus without doubt. There are huge searches for bet calculators in particular each Month.

    Bet Calculator Apps:

    We have 5 apps in the app store, over 10,000 downloads.

    The apps were made a few Years ago, I updated 2 this week and have relaunched them. They have had 1014 updated done thus far.

    These have huge potential: Every time a bettor calculates winning or potential winnings we show an advert for an online bookies with affiliate links included. Or ads for mobile slots? etc etc

    I'm sure you get the picture!

    The apps weren't on the app store for a ling time, 3 haven't been updated yet so carry affiliate links to accounts that have been closed.

    I am more than happy to redo the apps and change all adverts for the purchaser. Also happy to finish developing some further for a small fee. We have 5 more 90% complete.

    When you talk about potential, this is it! Potential isn't worth a lot, as we all know as everything has potential!

    But if your looking for a site to launch and want to be unique and save a lot of time and money setting up, then this is it!

    £3500 buys it, need a quick sale as need a new car now also after a bit of an accident :/

    Any questions please just ask. I am happy to do whatever you need to make it as you want.

    Thanks very much