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_co_uk bluntwraps.co.uk - Monthly income, aged domain, number 1 on Google, Customer Database

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Jul 28, 2014
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Just a quick introductory email, I am currently offering our website www.bluntwraps.co.uk for sale.

This is a fantastic and unique opportunity to purchase a shop/domain which has number 1 status on Google UK for it's topic which would allow you to make great use of our established organic search rankings and reputation.

You could run the website as is or use it to point to related pages of your own websites or to affiliate websites selling related goods.

Below is a summary of the business, we have plenty of data on the website which we would be more than happy to share with potential customers after registering interest.

Great search phrase domain name, also includes reserved rights to register bluntwraps.uk.
Domain age: September 23th 2010.

Search Rankings
The website relies on organic searches and the majority of traffic comes through the keywords below in addition to keywords for the products/brands we stock.

Keyword Google UK Google.com
Blunt wraps 1 3
Blunt wraps uk 1 1
Blunt papers 1 3
Blunt wrap 4 9

78% Organic, 15% Direct, 5% Referral, 2% Social
New 85% vs Returning 15%.

Customer Database
1500+ customers with email and customer addresses.

The website runs on a completely custom eCommerce platform which cost over £2000 to develop and includes an easy to use front end design alongside a fast admin area, both are fully responsive to allow our customers to quickly order and ourselves to manage orders via mobile phone/tablet/desktop.
I am a front end web developer and I have working relationship with the developers of this eCommerce platform so I can help with any modifications you may want to make in future if required.

The system allows for multiple websites to be quickly setup in the same design format through the one admin area, we are running other websites on this system which we can also include if interested but they aren’t related to this industry and can be removed if necessary, they have no sales and were setup to start gaining search engine reputation for future use.

The website has gone through three designs since 2010 and I keep all the artwork from these designs if you would like them included, for example we have a male and female character for the website which was designed by a cartoon artist which cost £300.00+ to create, you can see the variations of the website over the last 4.5 years at https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.bluntwraps.co.uk

Twitter – 1048 Followers: https://twitter.com/bluntwraps
Facebook – 351 Likes: https://www.facebook.com/bluntwrapsuk
Both have a big backlog of social updates and backlinks.

2014 (So Far): 2220.01
2013: 7552.32
2012: 6188.01

We can provide month by month on all the above.

Details of suppliers can be made available to buyer, we receive a discount on standard wholesale prices from one of our current suppliers.

We are requesting offers of £xxxx.

Why Are We Selling?
I work full time and I no longer want to spend my spare time posting orders, I have no time for posting social updates and creating email materials for this project, hence the slight fall in income this year.

If you have any questions on the above summary please let me know by private message rather than through this thread as I will receive an email notification of this.

I have replied to all PMs regarding this website.

I have an offer of £850 for the domain name, customer/order details and social accounts.

I am looking to conclude things on this website asap, if any one is interested and wants to improve on that offer just drop me a PM.

Note that I am now no longer VAT registered which should be taken into consideration if anyone is considering making further offers.
Website update: Now for sale current holding page website @ www.bluntwraps.co.uk, domain name, customer database and social accounts.

Lots of search engine history and social backlinks.

BIN 750, PM.
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