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CSV Bulk Upload added

Discussion in 'Drop catching Domain Names' started by Transcom ISP, Mar 13, 2024.

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    Jun 2019
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    Taken a while, but its up and running, CSV bulk uploads for backorders, Ive set the limit to 100, although a few have already entered multiple 100s. so Ill raise it to 1K soon.

    Simple to use, at https://transcom.uk , just log in as normal and goto the backorder page, remembering that there is no charge for submitting any number of domains.

    On the single entry form there is now another button for csv uploads (green), the system also lets you preview before import, and does realtime checks to validate any names to ensure they are within the expiry window and not already renewed etc.

    The csv file (eg. domains.csv) , is very simple :

    First row (header) > domain,mode
    under these two headings enter your domains under the domain column, and mode (if req) under the mode column.

    Mode is either Fast £10 + vat) , Multi (£25+vat) or Single (£50+vat) , payable on catch only. The different levels are relative to the amount of resources used to attempt catching..

    Good Luck !

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