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Development Portfolio - 20 names - good brand & monetisation potential

Nov 14, 2006
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Looking for offers on a portfolio of 20 two word co.uk domains. Would suit buyer who wants names with great development and branding potential and/or someone who sells to end users as these names should make good names to sell directly to companies.

The price I am looking for as a portfolio sale should leave room for a substantial increase per name if reselling.

The names are good because of the following reasons

  • They should all make good brands
  • They are in niches where there is good monetisation opportunity
  • A lot are in niches where I think it should be fairly straight forward to generate lots of the content for a site build using cheap feeds and affiliate content etc
  • They all come with their hyphenated versions and .uk rights - making branding potential even better
  • Some of them additionally have strong SEO potential due to generic terms

Am looking to sell the whole portfolio of 20 names as a portfolio and will consider offers in the xx,xxx range for this.

May consider selling batches of 5 names if I get interesting offers on lower volumes

Please respond by PM only - I will send the list of names by PM to anyone who is interested


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