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Exhibitor: FUAGO GmbH - a Value-added distributor and experienced partner of Open-Xchange & OpenTalk

Discussion in 'Domain Summit' started by Helmuts, Jul 19, 2023.

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    We are excited to present FUAGO GmbH, a value-added distributor and experienced partner of Open-Xchange and OpenTalk

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear from FUAGO COO, Sascha Zucca, during the discussion panel on the "Evolution of Email and Domain Names" at the London Domain Summit 2023.

    Here is a short video promo we made about FUAGO:

    With a team that has been working in the IT and hosting business for nearly 20 years, FUAGO GmbH has been serving resellers and hosters since 2017. Known for its agility, FUAGO maintains close contact with its customers and partners. As an Open-Xchange distributor, FUAGO offers products including OX Cloud, OX App Suite, and OX Dovecot Pro, among others. In addition, FUAGO offers the Outlook plugin OSfO – Outlook Sync for OX, which enables the synchronization of CalDav and CardDav data between Outlook and the OX App Suite.

    As a longtime partner of Open-Xchange, FUAGO benefits from its experience and fills the gap between OX and the channel business. FUAGO team strongly believes in open-source software and brings it to all-sized businesses.
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