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_co_uk FraudDetection with the .uk

Discussion in 'Premium Domain Names' started by aZooZa, Sep 22, 2022.

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    Some insight (paywall to see full unlocked report):


    Fraud Detection Software Developers in the UK industry outlook (2022-2027)

    poll Average industry growth 2022-2027: x.xlock
    With businesses relying ever more heavily on the use of data and digital technology, the number of UK organisations experiencing fraud is expected to increase over the next five years. It is now more crucial than ever that businesses understand the fraud risk landscape and adopt the appropriate technologies to combat fraud. PwC's Global Economic Crime Survey XXX found that nearly half of the more than X,XX respondents had experienced fraud in the past XX months. With scams and internet fraud becoming ever more prevalent, the use of fraud detection tools is anticipated to become more widespread across all of the industry's major markets, with demand for specialist software expected to increase at a faster rate than ever before. Over the five years thr...

    Fraud Detection Software Developers in the UK industry statistics
    • Market Size: £877m
    • Number of Businesses: 261
    • Average Industry Profit Margin: x.x%
    • Industry Employment: 4,424
    What is the Fraud Detection Software Developers industry in the UK?
    Industry Definition
    Firms in the industry develop software systems that detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Industry products include software that detects payment card fraud, anti-money laundering software, identity theft protection software, as well as insurance and subscription fraud detection tools. The design of cyber security software does not fall under this industry.
    Industry Products and Services
    • Card fraud detection software
    • Anti-money laundering software
    • Identity theft protection software
    • Subscription fraud detection software
    • Insurance claim fraud detection software
    Industry Activities
    • Developing computer software through secure coding practices
    • Internet-connected system software development
    • Testing technologies designed to protect against fraud
    • Analysing behaviour among related users, accounts and other entities