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Holding pages with domain-specific branding

May 26, 2016
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Let's say there's a domain that you are interested in buying and you visit it in a browser. (OK, perhaps you avoid doing that, but let's say you do.)

Rather than some generic holding page, what you find is a fully-created brand/logo (ie. representing the domain name itself), along with an invitation to contact the owner if you're interested in acquiring the domain.

Would the presence of that branding (assuming it's good) make you more or less likely to submit an offer? Or would it make no difference? Does it add any kind of value, do you think?

I ask because I'm a designer and could feasibly create logos and responsive landing pages for all my domains (in fact I already have for a couple) but I don't know if that is going to dissuade people who might instinctively think that the asking price will be too high and not bother getting in touch.

Any thoughts?
The logo wouldn't add any value unless the end user actually wanted to use it and it seems unlikely that you would produce the perfect logo for them without knowing the business etc

As a buyer I wouldn't want to pay any extra for the logo, but I might unconsciously value it higher if I start to perceive it as a brand

Whether it's worth doing is difficult to say - probably only for premium domains. A poor logo might have the opposite effect
Mentioning the domain at various points in the text of the page hints at a specific sales pitch, even if the rest of the text is in fact entirely generic...
Thanks for your replies. Some good advice here.

Funnily enough I'd been mulling over whether to position these as brands with the domain included, or just domains which happen to have a logo on the holding page, to tempt people. I may use different approaches with different domains/brands.

Thanks for the BrandBucket recommendation, Sound. Looks good as they handle the whole process - SSL shopping cart, agent contact, escrow - all as part of the overall package. I'll have to ask them if they allow us to submit our own logo or whether they insist on coming up with it themselves. It's useful seeing their individual holding pages anyway. Nice and straightforward. I like that.

[EDIT - yes, can you use your own logo with BrandBucket, but they won't reduce the price]
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