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i24.biz: Advanced URL Shortening Platform - SaaS Ready


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Jun 14, 2004
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I use the same platform for my personal needs - it's very handy, I can edit and analyze everything I want without any subscriptions (except domain and hosting) and without worrying if it's allowed by the platform. But if you want, you can even sell a URL-shortening service.

What's included:
Domain name i24.biz (Expires Sep 12, 2024);
1-year hosting (HostMaria);
Platform itself.

Price: $325

Full list of features and purchase options here
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Here's a video that shows the value of having your own URL shortener using a real-life affiliate marketing example. But the benefits go beyond that.

For example, it's ideal for marketing campaigns across multiple platforms such as social media, email newsletters, and advertising. You can use URL shortener to manage and update campaign URLs based on performance or to A/B test different landing pages, all without having to redistribute new URLs.

It's also perfect for events or live streams, allowing you to get last-minute updates without having to resend the link to attendees.

I'm sure there are more uses I haven't thought of yet.


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