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Interstitial Ads and Cloaked Aff Links

Discussion in 'Google Adsense' started by baldidiot, Aug 23, 2021.

  1. TheLeadGuy

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    Jan 2020
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    Yeah I'm not really experienced with JS ... I've been using PHP for the last 25 years
    so never touched JS and only started dabbling with jQuery recently so my JS knowledge isn't great.

    There should be a way round it but like @seemly pointed out previously unless we knew more about his code structure / ad integration etc any suggestions we could make would pretty much be guess work and potentially trigger other issues
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    IWA Meetup
  3. baldidiot United Kingdom

    baldidiot Active Member

    Sep 2012
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    Sorry, only just noticed these replies!

    Yes, exactly. All we're trying to do is stop the interstitial showing up when someone clicks and aff link, just in case that stops them continuing through to the final URL.

    I'll be honest, I'm not that clued up on javascript but I got the jist of what was being said. The problem with using javascript on the links is that we have multiple editors on our sites and some links are in content. It also seems to be quite a complicated solution for something that google should really have thought about, when I first posted I was largely hoping for a google-side solution.

    Going back to the original question of whether we solved it... not really. We have some work arounds, specifically:

    1. Opening in a new window seems to stop it happening, but causes issues with adblockers so needs to be on a case by case basis. Tbh we've just been leaving it in most places - I'd rather the user be able to visit the end page with an interstitial ad to annoy them than not visit the page at all because their ad blocker stops them.

    2. Not loading adsense on commercial pages. This is our main solution. It's not the end of the world because we probably don't want a bunch of ads on a page where we have more valuable aff content. So it's only really an issue now on pages where the adsense rev is more valuable than the aff link (ie: where the affiliate content is a relatively minor part of the page).

    What would be ideal is if google had some kind of path exclusion you could add for the interstitials, eg: excluding them on any link with /go/ in it.
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  4. seemly

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    Feb 2011
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    I'm happy to take a look to see what I can find. Send me a PM with more details.

    I think it's best you avoid manipulating AdSense code, just to be sure you don't get kicked from their platform for manipulation.
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