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it.com it.com Domains are Now Available at Sav.com

Oct 12, 2023
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We, it.com Domains team, are excited to announce the availability of it.com domains on Sav.com, one of the largest and fastest-growing domain registrars globally.

This partnership will serve the global IT community by providing accessible and meaningful domain names within the .it.com domain zone for startups and emerging companies who want their domain name to indicate their tech-savvy online presence.

The link to the original announcement: https://get.it.com/blog/supporting-the-growing-it-community-it-com-domains-now-available-at-sav-com/

And, here is even a quote from Anthos Chrysanthou, the Founder & CEO of Sav:
“At the core of our mission, we aim to empower creators with our groundbreaking AI tools. These tools are designed to encompass the entire creative journey, ranging from selecting the perfect domain name to crafting captivating websites and managing emails seamlessly. Stay tuned: offering .it.com domains is one of many exciting new developments for 2024.”

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