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My Latest Project - DomainUi

Also now available you can now signup to add 20 domain names using the DUI landers and access to the Domain Showcase for FREE to buy/sell your domains until end of February.

Signup here: https://domainui.com/members/store/domainui-parking/domain-name-landers-20

:cool: Cheers Paul - I have just cleared the £100 barrier on Amazon affiliate income from my DUI sites - this was a couple of months while you were working on the Beta version - really looking forward to seeing what works this year.
Can't believe the level of commissions, even from Amazon's shit % :)

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 16.32.29.png
Hello All

Monthly update on DomainUi :)

On DomainUi you can now use Amazon, ebay, AWIN, Buy&Sell your domains (Internally) in the domain showcase or setup a Domain Lander :)

This months new additions:
There's still plenty in store for the rest of this year, so why not sign up now and let your domains cover their renewal fees :)

If you want a chat on Whatsapp pm me for my number.
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[*]If you are a member of AWIN (Affiliate Window bak in day) you can now use products from merchants from AWIN (If you have been approved by the merchants). You can use your own AWIN ID and tracking per domain.

Anybody just launching and struggling to find products on AWIN to list feel free to apply to my program - https://ui.awin.com/merchant-profile/54781 just put Acorn in the message.

We've got a wide range of products on our site so should match a lot of different terms, and usually one of the more competitive on pricing. Happy to give bonuses to those driving good revenue.
Just a little but good update :)

On your Domain Landers you can now disable the default blurb and use your own and can even use your own form.

  • Use your own Lander blurb.
  • Use your own form (From a CMS etc).
  • Add your owne Page Tile, Meta description and keywords.
Example here: https://debtmanage.uk/ ( Yes this domain name for sale if anyone is interested :) )

Sorry if I've missed it, is there a way to see traffic sources for Amazon stores?
Just a small update.

On the AWIN module you can now add the merchants and banners in the side menu:

Example: Watchhouse.co.uk


For all the updates, guides and more and also whats in the pipeline i will be keeping the DomainUi Community all up to date at: https://domainui.uk/


Sorry if I've missed it, is there a way to see traffic sources for Amazon stores?

I will be looking at traffic stats in the next few weeks. At the moment i am concentrating on features etc.



Another small update

If you have domains on any of the following marketplaces you can still use the DomainUi lander and enable the marketplace where your domain is listed:

or use the Contact us and put your own website in.

For all who have WhatsApp i have created a Channel where i can also keep anyone interested with updates etc. So if you dont visit the forum regular why not follow the DomainUi channel at: DomaunUi WhatsApp Its, Free :). FYI You can only see my updates so you dont interact or anything.

I would love all the support as its a tough space to get traction so even if you dont join please share.


I have just updated my Linktree Profile at https://linktr.ee/domainui.com so if you can spare me 1 minute and follow me on any of the social platforms i am on that would be great. :)

Also if you would like to sample DomainUi just PM me.


Another small update / feature

You can now keep track of your domains on the system to make sure they are still active and not suspended or worse nameservers changed without you realising:

The buttons just show the details for example the W shows you wayback machine details, the Ahrefs shows backlink data and so on.

I plan to add more end points for the domains over the coming weeks but this is a start.



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