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uk Outdoors .uk

Auction ends tomorrow afternoon at 3pm

Currently just £1k for a category killer domain with scores of end users
Very sad that DomainLore doesn't have a system to weed out these idiots who don't pay before the event occurs.
It is frustrating and happened a few times recently

Ive wondered why someone doesnt have a site with a 'holding' amount per level of bid. For instance on premiums, if the bid is at 1200, you need to deposit say 100 just to bid. Refundable instantly on non win and goes towards balance on win. If no pay, the 100 given to domain owner anyway.

Anyone that serious wouldnt mind on a trusted site
It's hard to implement that kind of stuff though tax-wise. Your accountant would have a very bad day. Plus, you'd probably have to set up some sort of escrow account to hold all those deposits.

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