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Portfolio of health/pharmacy related domains

Mar 31, 2016
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Hello! This is my first post and I'm very excited. I'm selling a portfolio of 45 domains(both .co.uk and .uk). All the domains are in health/pharmacy niche. Some of them are very brandable, some of them are great from SEO perspective. I'm aware of that I'm selling a portfolio and the price won't be as for end user.

In right hands those domains have enormous potential. I thought to developed them, but some things happened and I have to sell them.

All the domains are registered in LCN and all of them expire in the beginning of 2017(Feb/March). If you are interested in the list just send me PM.
The portfolio has ~ 65 000 exact searches per month(worldwide) and average CPC 1,35$

Data is gathered from Google Keyword Planner : )

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