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Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by JMI, Oct 29, 2020.

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    Domains come and go to auctions, they get multiple bids, then they end up here or back on some other auction site etc etc.

    But I've noticed a pattern some get zero bids, low ball offers or just no interest.. they pass by unwanted, yet at a point in time there was real "interest" in these domains, sometimes considerable amount of bids - people obviously wanted them.

    So my question to you is - what changed in a relatively short timeframe that meant domains that attracted interest essentially became near worthless now..
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    Registration trends. There's a pile-on effect when some trend becomes popular and it generally fades after a year or so. The domain name market is also continually changing and TLDs fall out of favour as endusers shift to other TLDs (.COM users shifting to .ccTLD or similar). Secondary market demand is also a function of web usage and development in a TLD. If usage is declining in a TLD due to discounted registrations (which typically are not developed), then that has a knock-on effect with the public's perception of a TLD. Too many parked domain names and the public thinks there's nothing going on. The resale values take a hit and eventually collapse. There's also unreasonable expectations by resellers in that they overprice domain names. It is a complex business. The 2020 market is not the same as the 2019 market and the 2021 market will be different to the 2020 market.

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    1. Lots of domainers come into the market to make a quick buck, either through flipping or development.
    2. Some have experience in development and/or online marketing, (maybe) start a project but never finish it.
    3. Others have zero experience in either, and completely underestimate how much time and effort it takes to make a web asset generate money.
    4. Domain sits there unused until renewal date, domainer either attempts to sell or lets it drop.
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    Domains compete with Big Tech and Social Media Accounts work for/benefit BIG TECH.

    So youtube, insta, fb, twitter, linkedin all are multi billion investments in speed.

    To general public a domain name vs social media account is like choosing whether to build a boat, pack food, maps, compass, and row across the English Channel or just take the Eurostar.