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Transfer domain from SMT to Nominet user

Feb 13, 2020
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I searched and couldn’t find a clear answer. First time seller. I recently sold a domain to a Nominet user who does not have a tag. I have a self managed tag. I’m trying to transfer the domain to him, and need some guidance what steps have to be taken to have this domain show up in his account.

Here’s what I’ve done:
1. Added buyers name as a connected name on my tag
2. Transferred registrant to the buyer name via web domain manager (tag is still mine, and only some details reflect the actual buyer: name and email)
3. I have NOT released the domain

Have I missed anything? Can someone guide me how to get this domain into my buyer’s hands? Apparently Nominet transfers only require an email but that option doesn’t show up for me as a registrar

Thanks in advance
Thanks gents - got it sorted. SMT Registrar view and user view are different, so a USER account is required to be able to transfer it. Buyer was fine paying the fee, so it’s sorted. Cheers.

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