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2 .co.uks for sale

Discussion in 'Fixed Price Domain Names For Sale' started by deemee, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. deemee

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    Sep 2011
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    Hi I have monthly 740 exact UK searches cheap at £35
    with matching .info included as well

    and GOOD BRAND NAME Reduced to £300 (price is cheap for a brandable name in the multi billion dollar chocolate industry.

    Theobroma is the Greek word for food of the Gods and is Universally
    reknowned for chocolate being The food of the Gods (also wine) so is a very good name for either of these.
    There are other foods of the gods too but these are the most renowned.

    Every month there are 170 exact UK searches for Theobroma or 1,300 broad searches


    to brand
    this as a chocolate lovers site you could tap into the 2,740,000 broad Uk searches for truffles, bars and recipes gifts, info and recipe etc each month or the 74,000 exact UK searches

    Or if you choose to brand it for wine there are

    165,00 broad searches by UK wine lovers or 27,100 UK exact searches by UK wine lovers every month for wine, wine racks etc.

    any questions or interest please pm me
    Kind regards Dee
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