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chocolate related .com domain

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by deemee, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. deemee

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    Sep 2011
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    Every month globally 24,900,000 search for some chocolate related subject eg , truffles, boxes, gifts, brownies, info, recipes, stores.

    So yes I know that everyone wants exact matches but having a number of years experience in market research etc I think out of the box. Someone one said 'think big or go home' and so I don't put all my sway upon exact matches but look at the potential market out there to tap into which 24,900,000 monthly chocolate lovers.

    Also at the end of the day it's about content and making your site as interesting as possible so people visit it, return and tell friends and family. perfect example Twitter wouldn't have had any exact searches before it was launched.

    Anyway chocolate is reknowned worldwide by chocoholics as being the

    'food of the foods' (as is wine) but is mainly a chocolate related phrase. I am selling to anyone with the vision to create The best first stop community for these 24,900,000 so am selling BIN price £200 (reduced) transfer costs if any to be paid by buyer

    Good Memorable Brand Name (example icanhascheezburger)
    food of the gods
    18,100 broad matches
    3,600 exact matches

    Thanks for looking and have a good day:D
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    Moved to Other Domains Section. Please don't post .COMs in the .UK forums.

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