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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by SkyHigh, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Here is the link to the auction listing at Sedo: is on auction
    Domain Name without content.
    Estimated end time: 3 days 18 hours 20 min.
    (Jan/17/08 07:54 AM EST)
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    170 EUR
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    Generic Keyword .com domain.

    Ecological City is the buzzword in modern city planning, public transportation and sustainable urban development.

    There is only one, and this is very likely the last chance to secure this domain. Once a generic keyword dotcom domain is acquired by a competitor, they will forever have the edge in the global market.

    China is building Xiamen into an Ecological City. Various European and American cities are implementint "ecological city" programs, and various businesses are naming their projects "Ecological City".

    During the first two years of Ecological City Transport System (ECTOS), preparations for the arrival of the three DaimlerChrysler ‘Citaro’ hydrogen fuel cell buses continue according to schedules.

    Read more: ities/ -City-Preserving-Restoring-Biodivers ity/dp/
    0870238841 m/en/book.aspx?bookID=335 4a2cec6a10d0ba37c0b800012603/bo01_ek ologisk
    _framtidsstad_vh_eng.pdf n/english/200012/22/eng20001222_5855 7.html an_2001.htm erviews/430 01/the-most-ecolog.html s/PaperInfo.asp?PaperID=14797 l+City+Organizer,Inc/--HD__jsthrhtky ,src__g
    lobal--/free-co-dnb_factsheet.xht ml

    Get in on the Green/Eco buzz!

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