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    May 2006
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    0 & - £299 & - £299 (for both)

    Registered on: 19th August 2004
    Expires on: 19th August 2006

    Purpose: See Website for details.
    Name currently devolves to a sub-directory of: (my main web site)

    Hosted by SCL ( has a current page rank of 2
    (Neglected this for over a year - it did once get to a heady 3!)

    Income possibilties:
    Depends on your line of country, but I earned nearly £700 (can be verified) or so from it the first year of ownership just by using it as a threat to transgressors (again, the web site has details)

    I am not convinced that it is a great name for parking. I would imagine that the word commonly searched for is "Scam" or "Scammers" rather than "Thieves"

    More a name for the inventive!

    Reason for sale:

    I have so many other projects on the go (, - and that's just without the IT consultancy work!) that this is just lying idle.


    P.S. Any interest in (Bought on the spur of the moment & never used) Not many 3s left are there! (What is it? The best Manual Focus Nikon of course!)
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