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    I think this is a fairly good name. Let me hear your thoughts.
  2. J

    Sedo Auction OneCompare.co.uk

    OneCompare.co.uk http://www.sedo.co.uk/auction/auction_detail.php?language=e&trackingRequestId=&trackingOrigin=&auction_id=177058 Ends in 5 days, early morning of Thurs 17th July. Cheers, J
  3. A

    Brandable .com/uk

    Hi guys, Looking for a brandable name for a review/comparison site Must have both .com and .co.uk Think Cloud/Compare/Review Gotta be pronounceable please :-) Leave your interesting responses in the comments section beloowwww!!! ;-) ohh and budget, defo less than £1k for both TLDs
  4. J

    CompareMobiles.com for sale - highly sought after exact match

    CompareMobiles.com is available for sale in sedos prestigious great domains auction. Perfect for affiliate use within the very lucrative mobile sector, development or resale. Booming market and growing. Comparison site (affiliate program), review, tech or info site. Rare opportunity for...
  5. S

    _co_uk CompareFlights

    We acquired this site a couple of years ago and planned to turn it into a brand with online and offline advertising campaigns - akin to cheapflights.co.uk. We spent £2k developing logos, artwork etc for the purpose, and also acquired three domains for Germany, France and Italy (which we'd...
  6. VSC

    _org_uk Caravan Insurance Compare - 1300 Exacts - £5.92 CPC

    CaravanInsuranceCompare.org.uk 1300 Local Exacts CPC £5,92 Offers from £10.00 + VAT & Nom Fee
  7. VSC

    _org_uk Compare Travel Money - 1900 Exacts

    CompareTravelMoney.org.uk 1900 Local Exacts CPC 0.26p Offers from £10 please + VAT & Nom fee
  8. T


    Compare Our Price - compareourprice.co.uk - $500 ONO Reg 25 Sept 2010 - FXDomains (GoDaddy reseller) Accept verified PayPal. Offers welcome. PM or Post SOLD. Thnx 4 looking.
  9. wb

    _co_uk Diesel Prices

    Domain is now sold.
  10. I

    _co_uk FlightComparator.co.uk

    Hello Looking for offers for: flightcomparator.co.uk Offers here. Questions by pm. Thx.
  11. I

    _co_uk Finance comparison website: FinanceComparator.co.uk

    The domain & website have now been sold
  12. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk PricesCompared - set!

    Perfect set for a site to Compare Prices PriceCompared /*co/*uk PricesCompared /*co/*uk and /*org All offers welcome! 123-reg nominet fees paid by buyer
  13. T

    Old domainer

    Hi Registered my first domain in 1997: didyouknow.com... which has been hijacked and I've been trying to it get back! (See WIPO). Have some other good didyouknow extensions, though. I usually look for trivia, reference and mobile domains, mostly to develop. Buy any other that I think I can...
  14. Alien


    Looking for offers on compareitonline.com (Archive.org from 2003) - just perfect for development. :) Please PM/post to make an offer or via Sedo if preferred, thanks. :D
  15. D


    For sale on auction at sedo, one bid so far, £795. The auction ends this Friday at around 2pm. A hyphenated domain name like "compare-motor-insurance.co.uk" is seen by search engines as three seperate words, so would not only show high in searches for "compare motor insurance", but also...
  16. feKIX

    _co_uk CompareElectronics

    Open to offers on: CompareElectronics.co.uk + Compare-Electronics.co.uk
  17. P

    vote: Site layout compare

    Before taking too much time editing the wordpress widget orignially coded by borghunter. Which site format you prefer? Original http://www.dailydomain.co.uk/search.php New design in progress http://www.nulls.co.uk/ukdroplist/ When finished both sites would have the same...
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