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  1. Azam.net

    _co_uk AskGuides.co.uk blog since 2009, with c. 172 Google listings (.com domain also included)

    Matching domain name AskGuides.com also included, for the perfect package! - AskGuides.co.uk has been used for a shopping blog since 2009 - Large number of Google and Bing etc. search engine listings - Many quality, mature inbound links to AskGuides.co.uk - Listed in large number of popular...
  2. Azam.net

    AskGuides.com (& .co.uk) Prime Domain Name

    - Shopping blog since 2009 - Google and Bing etc. search engine listings - Quality inbound links (mostly to AskGuides.co.uk) - Listed in directories - Begins with ‘A’ so featured at top of directories and listings - Price includes regularly-updated '@AskGuides' Facebook and Twitter pages -...
  3. Jaffaman


    Absolutely perfect domain name for a Yellow Pages type Directory...!! Aged Domain £6,000 Domain: localindex.co.uk Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com [Tag = PDR-IN] Registered On: 2004-01-26 Expires On: 2020-01-26 Cheers. Jaffaman
  4. R

    _co_uk theweddingdirectorykent

    Open to offers.
  5. ClassicalGuitar

    PR4 - Podcast Directory

    Ended, thanks
  6. srccode

    Good Directory Script?

    Looking for something that's quick and easy to setup with a half decent template. Anybody tried the WP plugin?
  7. khalid

    _co_uk Double Glazing Directory - Ranking & Visitors

    Morning all, Site is doubleglazingdirectory.co.uk Ranks #3 for the main term. Unique Visitors are as follows: Jun 2011 221 Jul 2011 349 Aug 2011 272 Sep 2011 157 Oct 2011 243 Nov 2011 230 Numerous requests to add new companies sit in my inbox, could easily charge £10 - £20...
  8. R

    Free Directory Template

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I have no experience with Joomla or Wordpress so it isn't necessary to be on either of these platforms. My server supports php/mysql and i'm looking for a free directory web site template so i can make it into a wedding directory that is free...
  9. G


    Offers by PM for www.freeukdirectory.com -- Sorry posted in wrong forum. Please can you move to the Non UK developed site section. Thank you
  10. S

    Web Directory Domain Wanted

    Hello Everyone, I am interested in buying a domain that will be used for a paid web directory. Here are my specs: (1) Must be a .com domain. (2) Should be a well aged domain with at least 10 Google backlinks. (3) Should have a Google page rank of 3 or higher. (4) It would be nice if it...
  11. I

    _co_uk clicknbuy.co.uk -

    Hello Looking for offers for: clicknbuy.co.uk Happy to answer all your questions.
  12. Azam.net

    _co_uk EthicalGifts.co.uk - successful directory for sale

    EthicalGifts.co.uk is a successful directory which has been running for years. Income comes in from paid listings. Just recently, for instance, The British Library ordered a highlighted premium listing. The site ranks highly in organic search result. It is number one in Google for "ethical...
  13. aZooZa

    A few inc. hotelrates.org.uk, extremegadgets.co.uk

    Please post offers in thread, or PM. extremegadgets.co.uk lcdhire.co.uk mortgagealliance.co.uk usedferraris.co.uk abka.co.uk betonhorses.co.uk officebroadband.org.uk perlconsultants.org.uk perldevelopers.org.uk perlprogrammers.org.uk petdrugs.org.uk phonedirectory.org.uk phonemarketing.org.uk...
  14. MOVC

    Free Forum Directory

    Please feel free to add your forums to our directory, submission is free and reciprocal link required although it would be appreciated. UK Forum Directory | Free Directory | Forum Directories Mark
  15. MOVC


    For Sale - www/UKForumDirectory/co/uk No idea of traffic and not really looked after or monetised Google: No.1 - UK Forum Directory No.3 - Forum Directory Please make offers by PM Buyers pays nominet and paypal fees Mark
  16. H

    Hello and Seeking advice about 500+ domains

    Just to say Hi. I'm a newbie to selling but since I've been buying since 1989 I'm probably the UK's biggest expert at dropping :???: Not any more hopefully. We are in the building and home services business, including cleaning and removals. We have our own server which was hacked over...
  17. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk FindandSeek + freebies

    FindandSeek co uk Freebies are FindNSeek.co.uk and FindandSeek.net (.net transfer fee applicable) All with 123-REG Offers starting at £35 inc VAT will run until Monday 8th 22:00 AD time. BIN £175 inc VAT The sale is for the domains and website which (at the minute) does not make...
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