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  1. G


    Top tier GEO name Spain.net 1995 REG. Now on offer. BIN - £20K (will consider close offers) WHY ITS VALUABLE: - Domain history: spain.net has been sold before spain.net 40,000 USD 2011-08-03 UpMarketDNs - Highly Searched: About 3,44,00,00,000 results on Google alone. - Tourism in Spain...
  2. ClassicalGuitar

    Betwsycoed.uk - Betws Y Coed - Gateway to Snowdonia

    Completed thanks
  3. A

    (Dictionary, Geo, Coffee, Crypto, short, New tech,...) domains - Namejet auctions

    Now on Namejet Auctions Collection of premium domains (Dictionary, Geo, Coffee, Crypto, short, New tech, ...) at lowest prices. Visit this feature page to view all these domains: http://www.namejet.com/featuredauctions/9idx6eek
  4. BG

    K a v o s .c o m - For Crypto...

    Hi Guys, Ref : K a v o s . c o m (Registered 1998) This is a cracking GEO and an extremely popular holiday destination for party goers normally aged between 18 to 30 etc - Basically it's the party capital of Greece! Happy to review crypto offers.. Thanks for looking. -BG
  5. E


    I think the .online gtld suits geo names. What do you think potential value of this name is? any feedback appreciated.
  6. F

    $1 domains! Most of them are countries or languages! - dutch4.me, hebrew4.me, etc

    Many of these domains would be expired at the end of this month, but they are definitely brandable! I have some techniques to renew these domains with a cheaper price. Just get the domain you want, and I will tell you how! ;) $2 dutch4.me farsi4.me hebrew4.me hindi4.me korean4.me portuguese4.me...
  7. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Isle of Scilly

    Offers for this .co.uk please people. Isle of Scilly
  8. S

    cynonvalley.com £xxx

    cynonvalley.com £xxx The Cynon Valley (Welsh: Cwm Cynon), is a famous former coal mining valley within the South Wales Valleys of Wales. The Cynon Valley lies between the other mining Valley of Rhondda and the iron industrial Valley of the Merthyr Valley. Its main towns are Aberdare (Welsh...
  9. khalid

    _co_uk GlasgowTaxi (2 websites + revenue)

    Hi all, I own and operate a number of taxi sites but due to the success of my Edinburgh based operation I'm stripping down my assets and concentrating on one city. I have for sale GlasgowTaxi.co.uk (350 uv/month) and .org.uk (500 uv/month), two generic domain names with websites that are...
  10. golddiggerguy

    uk Geo / service/product set of domains

    Have a browse and make me an offer. Dozens to pick from! Including a few examples LondonBedrooms.co.uk LiverpoolRecycling.co.uk LeedsPrint.co.uk EdinburghGyms.co.uk ManchesterStorage.co.uk Is your town listed?
  11. GaryT

    2 Domains for a good Dog Name .co.uk

    I'm looking for a good dog name .co.uk (no hyphens) and happy to swap the following two domain name + wordpress sites for the right one: - 3DReadyTV.co.uk - TheHamble.co.uk See my blog for more details about these mini-sites: http://www.3ac.co.uk/domain-names-for-quick-sale-or-swap...
  12. unclewilco

    geos londonhomes.org.uk odds & sods + more

  13. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Geo+Recycling domain set

    All .co.uk's Looking at quick sales on all these Geo Recycling domains. Other wise I'll be Developing them to approach End User companies. Which is your local town or city? Would make a nice growing project to cash in on from local companies! Recycling will never die and only grow! Just...
  14. T


    Geo Domain Chester.org.uk is on Auction on Sedo: https://www.sedo.co.uk/auction/detail/chester.org.uk/104818_e__ Ends: Saturday 28th August 90,500 Local Exact Searches per month for 'Chester' Kind Regards Andrew TrendMedia
  15. golddiggerguy

    Liverpool Recycling + Other GEO's

    Nice set of GEO Recycling domains here. All caught recently and are nice .co.uk gold mines with the Recycling world growing. Looking at selling these, so just £275 each (unless priced) or £2k for the set. EdinburghRecycling GlasgowRecycling Liverpool Recycling Bristol Recycling...
  16. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk GEO Guides .co.uk

    These 4 .co.uk's are great and at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BridlingtonGuide WhitbyGuide GooleGuide GrimsbyGuide Payment by BACS Buyer pays tansfer nom fees Post Sold to buy or PM me.
  17. suzi

    _org_uk Some Welsh Geos, inc Mid Glamorgan

    Looking for offers for a few Welsh geo domains: Caernarvon /org/uk Merioneth /org/uk MidGlamorgan /org/uk SouthGlamorgan /org/uk 3 of them have local exacts of circa 1,000 - 2,000 per month. Ideally looking to sell as a set, but would consider individual offers...
  18. aZooZa


    2004 reg. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/8582312.stm Offers welcome.
  19. suzi

    _org_uk Droitwich-Spa

    BIN now only £xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - or best offer by 9.00pm tonight (see below) Nice Geo in Worcestershire. Waitrose, Land Rover main dealer, private hospital... you know the sort of place. Almost on the M5 (J5 if you're interested). Offers invited please. In the thread or by PM. Buyer to pay...
  20. suzi

    _co_uk InnerLondon

    Well, where to start... Inner London It's just a fantastic geo domain, waiting to be exploited. Inner London is consistently the EU's wealthiest region. Includes the following boroughs: Camden Greenwich Hackney Hammersmith and Fulham Islington Royal Borough of Kensington and...
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