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  1. Helmuts

    Have you noticed the Twitter's gold badge?

    just noticed it at Twitter ref: https://twitter.com/NEOM scr:
  2. D


    Bought this domain at auction a while ago but don't have the time to develop it. The scrap gold market is huge and most big players have affiliate programs. Scrap gold related search terms have high volumes both in the US and UK. Open to offers.
  3. Jaffaman


    Gold has just broken the $2000 barrier and still looks as if it will continue to rise. If you buy Gold Scrap - then this is the ideal domain name to attract sellers of Gold scrap to your business, and increase your income. Aged domain Dictionary words Worldwide popular market Easy to remember...
  4. Jaffaman


    GoldScrapWanted.co.uk for sale With the price of Gold at an all time record high - and more than likely to continue to climb even higher. this domain name is absolutely perfect for any individual of Company who buy Scrap Gold...!! Dictionary Words Easy to spell Easy to remember Passes the...
  5. Jaffaman


  6. 3


    Gold.wales Registrar: Netistrar Transfer: Push or auth code Looking for offers
  7. Jaffaman

    Gold Scrap Wanted

    GoldScrapWanted.com GoldScrapWanted.co.uk Pair of essential domain names for anyone connected with buying Scrap Gold...!! Offers for either one or both of these domains...!! Buyer pays Nominet fees...!! Cheers. Jaffaman
  8. Jaffaman

    _co_uk GoldScrapWanted

    This is the latest News regarding the increasing price of Gold... "Gold prices soared on Friday as the U.S. Dollar plunged as investors prepared for this week's U.S. Federal Reserve report on Wednesday," Anyone buying gold would benefit hugely from owning this domain name, or from people using...
  9. Jaffaman

    _co_uk ScrapGoldWanted.co.uk

    Price reduced to £35 For a quick sale. ScrapGoldWanted.co.uk With gold prices starting to rise again, because of the new economic crisis, the Brexit referendum and the collapse of the Oil markets, now is a good time for people to buy real gold. This domain is perfect for any...
  10. V

    Domains for sale £10 each or 3 for £20

    NOW £100 for the lot! Having a bit of a clearout of my finance and digital currency related domains, please contact me if interested in any of the following. £10 each or 3 for £20. /vikingraider gigacoin.co.uk gigagold.co.uk terragold.co.uk electronicgold.co.uk virtualgold.co.uk go-gold.co.uk...
  11. V

    Bitcoin / Digital currency domains £50 each

    Posted in the wrong thread. Apologies to all!
  12. Jaffaman

    _co_uk GoldScrapWanted.co.uk

    Gold prices WILL soar in 2014 if this financial prediction is anywhere near correct... and it usually is! http://www.moneynews.com/MKTNewsIntl/Stock-market-recession-alert/2014/02/10/id/551985?promo_code=166D4-1&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral For anyone involved in the buying or...
  13. Jaffaman

    _co_uk ScrapGoldWanted.co.uk

    Self explanatory domain name in a huge and popular worldwide market. Make me an offer. Buyer pays Nominet fee. Cheers. Jaffaman.
  14. bulkcorn

    DomainLore Auction GoldBullionBar.co.uk

    Closed .. Thanks ...
  15. Jaffaman


    ScrapGoldWanted.co.uk Self explanatory. Offers above £140 Buyer pays Nominet fees. Registered at Enom. Expires 03/24/2014.
  16. D

    _me_uk GoldPrice

    GoldPrice_me_uk: I picked this domain up a month or so back - I did plan on developing it but a few other projects have come up since. It gets 110,000 exact searches per month. I will keep this thread open until Wednesday evening at 7PM.
  17. Jaffaman

    _co_uk ScrapGoldWanted

    ScrapGoldWanted/co/uk Starting price at only £75. Buyer pays Nominet fee. Registered at Enom until 3/24/2014. Scrap Gold is a very popular market. Ideal for scrap gold dealer or scrap gold affiliate website. Cheers. Jaffaman.
  18. T

    _co_uk simplygold.co.uk

    Recent catch. Opportunities for bling affiliate site or gold resale £129 Post sold Thanks
  19. Jaffaman


    ScrapGoldWanted.co.uk £150 Registered at Enom Buyer pays Nominet fees. Gold is still very much in demand and "easy to remember" domain names are very difficult to find. Cheers. Jaffaman.
  20. BG

    _co_uk MoneyForGold.co.uk - Money For Gold

    Hi Guys, Domain : MoneyForGold.co.uk (Money For Gold) I'm reviewing all offers over £2.5k, please post in thread or PM your offers. It's a very popular term "money for gold " and affiliates pay nicely too e.g. £10 / £25 per bag of gold sent via your site. Nice opportunity for someone...
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