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  1. dog

    Google Searches Now Focus on Your Actual Location, Not the ccTLD in Your Search

    http://www.domainpulse.com/2017/10/29/google-searches-focus-location-not-cctld/ https://www.blog.google/products/search/making-search-results-more-local-and-relevant/
  2. spiderspider

    Someone claimed ownership of my site in WMT

    Woke up this morning to an email from Google saying: 'New owner for http://mysite' Reading through it I was a bit dismissive, until I logged into my webmaster tools console, and saw that somehow, someone had managed to verify themselves as an owner of that site, using the html file that I had...
  3. paymatters

    Google - The box under the ads

    For some searches a box often appears under the google ads but before the other websites with a definition of the search term in it. Most often it is a wikipedia page but can be any 3rd party site. The box has a little feedback link beneath it Is there a known technique for getting included...
  4. paymatters

    Google results fluctuating throughout the day?

    Has anyone else noticed they rank higher in the evening than they do say in the morning?! Was just wondering if this is something deliberate google do. Was wondering if it may be dictated by your hours of opening listed on google?? Or is it just that the sites around the one I'm looking at...
  5. paymatters

    Nominet v Google

    Just some feedback that after losing my case to nominet to de register a domain set-up by a 3rd party to post grossly offensive and false statements I succeeded in getting the site banned by google. So don't believe that google won't act or that you need to go through the massive expense of a...
  6. Locably

    _co_uk zmot.co.uk

    Zero Moment Of Truth - Google's new buzz marketing concept. Offers by PM..
  7. khalid

    Sales Call from 01616021514 - Trademark Infringement?

    Company called Gold Search Ltd, using GoogleListing.co.uk as a website name. Surely this is a TM? Seemingly Google know what they are going and are happy for them to proceed! Nominet brings up Carl Walsh as domain registrant. 1 Carpenters Court South Street Alderley Edge Cheshire...
  8. golddiggerguy

    Google change in results

    Anyone notice Google showing 3 pages from sites now in results and not the usual MAX of 2?
  9. C


    Hello, I am selling my website http://www.wgadgets.net. Any offer is more than welcomed. Google Page rank: 1st on keyword google wave gadgets Date of development: 4th October 2009 Hits: 150 a day Thanks,
  10. C

    Google wave

    I have the following domains for sale .. Interested? IM me? Getwavelets.com www.w-gadgets.com www.wgadgets.net
  11. I

    Bing has a better google page rank...than...Google !!!

    Hello Everyone, We keep reading that Bing is doing well at the moment...well... In fact, it is doing so well...that Bing is given a better "google" page rank than Google itself !!! ahahah... (yes, I can hear you...PR does not mean anything nowadays...mmm) See screenshot Google...
  12. S

    Higher Search Engine Ranking tips for SEO

    Hello Friends I have several articles related to search engine optimization, but never found any article which satisfied my knowledge. This is the reason why I have written my own article on how to achieve top SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo and several other search engines. Read : How to...
  13. khalid

    Adwords account hacked...

    So someone placed a nice new campaign consisting of Viagra and Kamagra products in my Adwords account which I only noticed when Google took £65 out of my account! Anyone had a similar experience? I trust I'll get my cash back?
  14. D

    Bad News for Google Adwords users....

    I have just found out that they are using the very nice people ARVATO Finance (who are scamming 1&1 users - see other posts on the site) to process your Adwords payments... :eek::mad: Who knows what this means... Double payments, fake lawsuits etc...
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