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  1. Helmuts

    Great news! Thomas Rickert has confirmed that he will take part in the Nominet's election debates!

    Good morning all, Great news! Thomas Rickert has confirmed that he will take part in the Nominet's election debates! Such a professional, effective, and pleasant gentleman! No rush decisions. More information about Thomas: Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasrickert/ About page at his...
  2. Helmuts

    Domain Summit Andrew Bennett has confirmed that he will help us and will moderate the Election Debates

    I am very happy to announce that none the other than Andrew Bennett (@Whois-Search) has confirmed that he will help us and will moderate the Nominet Non-Executive Director's debates (August 23rd, 6PM). Short recap: we have 3 candidates (ref...
  3. Helmuts

    Aug 23 - Public debates for Nominet's member-elected non-executive director

    The Debates are to happen! August 23rd (2nd day). We are honored to host public debates for Nominet's member-elected non-executive director. As of today, we have 2 candidates who are serious about meeting Nominet members in person and participating in these debates: @JimDavies and @Steve...
  4. Helmuts

    Looking for a volunteer moderator for this year's Nominet election debates

    Hello everyone, I am currently in search of a volunteer moderator for the upcoming Nominet Election Debates for a position of a Non-Executive Director to the Board of Nominet UK. While Tess (USA) is a great domain name specialist and will be an amazing moderator of all the keynotes and...
  5. Helmuts

    Keynote Speaker: Kieren McCarthy, the Elected Non-Executive Director at Nominet

    We are excited to have Kieren McCarthy, the Elected Non-Executive Director at Nominet as one of our keynote speakers at the London Domain Summit 2023. Kieren is a journalist, author and policymaker, specializing in the internet and its governance. He has written for a wide range of national and...
  6. Transcom ISP

    RDAP result discrepancy

    Couple of domains , expired within hours of eachother, rdap says 1 is in redemption the other is server renew prohibitied. How is this possible ? quickquid.co.uk Domain Repository Object Identifier: D_30830735-UK Lifecycle Lifecycle status pending delete redemption period Domain Expiry...
  7. Helmuts

    Nominet Board Election Debates - Domain Summit

    The Nominet Board Candidate Election Debates will take place 4PM-5PM Tuesday, August 23rd. Yes, these will be in-person Debates. Yes, we will plan to do a livestream as well. Yes, You will be able to ask your questions to the candidates. No, you will not be able to ask your questions over...
  8. Helmuts

    Nominet members?

    Do we have many Nominet members here (out of all 2.5k+)? .. curious on how many would like to Nominet reps in person and ask your questions..
  9. Ahmed Benlahreche

    Info please

    Hi acorn world Im new tag holder and new member in future i want to ask please how many time take the member application to get approved ? And what is the next step for the epp config
  10. danny

    Up to £1K for a Nominet EPP CLient/APP

    Hi Guys, I am looking to purchase a simple Nominet EPP Client/App. I know this request has been asked several times on here, but there’s never really been a definitive solution. I’ve hunted high and low on the web, but most off-the-shelf EPP clients out there are complex, poorly maintained...
  11. D

    Finally joining Nominet

    Well, I'm usually always thinking about and its the wrong time of the year. This time, I am determined to reduce the expense of my renewals, especially since the sales and revenue is not as good as it was. So any do's or don't for signing up. I.e. should I use a company, individual etc etc or...
  12. D

    Privacy Whois

    Just wonder is the privacy whois that now runs with registers tags on Nominet good or bad for industry. To me this is one worst things to allow is privacy whois for UK namespace as allows more spammers and crime to be committed using .co.uk domains will drive value names down. Also thing time...
  13. N

    Interesting news

    I heard from a little bird that Nominet are looking to only have one registrar for .wales & .cymru Interesting!
  14. T

    Buying domains from the official receiver

    I've got an agreement with an official receiver to purchase some domain names registered to a liquidated company (UK). On the assumption that usernames and passwords for the relevant registrars / Nominet aren't available, how do I go about getting transfers of the domains started? I presume...
  15. DomainSteve

    Nominet Transfer Fee

    Hi All, Just in the process of selling my first domain through DL and wondered what the "norm" was regarding the Nominet transfer fee? Is this for the seller to pay prior to transfer or should the buyer pay? Thanks for any assistance you can offer, Steve.
  16. Helmuts

    Why did you buy Nominet membership?

    Even though this question will make many of you smile - why did you decide to become a member of Nominet? cheaper domains? .. are they really cheaper? domain catching? domain availability checker? backlink + credibility? other? thank you in advance, Helmuts
  17. T

    Multiple trademark holders & domain selling

    Can anyone offer any insight?.... Let's say for example I acquire the domain name example.co.uk from a limited company liquidation and want to sell it. There are several companies in different industries who each have a trademark in various TM classes for 'example'. Is it considered an...
  18. Helmuts

    Question about buying second-hand Nominet membership

    hi guys, I was wondering - has anyone bought nominet membership of somebody? .. I would be interested to become nominate member, but would like to skip that hefty £400 joining fee :) .. at the same time - there must be people who cancel their memberships for different reasons :? I had a...
  19. B

    EPP Client

    Can anyone recommend a good off the shelf EPP client?
  20. paymatters

    Nominet v Google

    Just some feedback that after losing my case to nominet to de register a domain set-up by a 3rd party to post grossly offensive and false statements I succeeded in getting the site banned by google. So don't believe that google won't act or that you need to go through the massive expense of a...
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