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one word

  1. M


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  2. M


    any offers for England.casino . one word new gtld thanks
  3. NinaY

    _co_uk BABACO.co.uk (Fruit - dictionary word)

    Inviting offers for: BABACO.co.uk FRUIT name and dictionary word A BRAND for diversified industries
  4. G

    Overdoses.info and more

    Some dot info's available at Sedo right now:- Disappearance.info Lodgers.info Overdoses.info Withdrawing.info Withdrew.info BarcelonaEspana.info CameraGuide.info CharityDirectory.info DietingPlan.info ExpressPizza.info FarmFoods.info GirlsToys.info GolfMagazines.info...
  5. Domainate

    One-word domains: Reblogged(.)com, Vlogging(.)net and many others

    The following one-word domains are for sale: Caplins.com - £350 Cruellest.com - £400 Popstrels.com - £400 Reblogged.com - £2000 Trafficks.com - SOLD Lactoferrin.net - £150 Premiering.net - £300 Vlogging.net - £950 Abductees.org - £200 Aeroponics.org - £300 Altruistic.org - £200 Cabals.org -...
  6. F

    Muhx.com at Sedo Auction!

    This is a rare one-word .com that you could not miss it! :cool: https://sedo.com/auction/history/muhx.com/150802_us__ LLL.me - $2.99 each http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cheap-3-letter-Dot-Me-domains-me-Special-price-for-buying-in-bulk-/181093431604?pt=Domain_Names&hash=item2a2a027934&afsrc=1...
  7. M


    Moved to appropriate forum
  8. Domainate

    31 one-word domains: 24th(.)com, Trafficks(.)com, Vlogging(.)net, Who(.)mobi ++

    All the following one-word domains are currently on sale at reduced prices: 24th.com - $1,999 Bonefishes.com - $799 Caplins.com - $799 Cruellest.com - $799 Popstrels.com - $799 Tattletells.com - $799 Trafficks.com - $999 Amniocentesis.info - $499 Comas.info - $499...
  9. khalid

    _co_uk Dingo - One word transport website, PR4

    Site sold. Site sold.
  10. khalid

    _co_uk chiropractor - one word, ranking on page 1, potential!

    Chiropractor has been posted again for re-sale... Since the last thread, which generated offers of around £4,000, Chiropractor.co.uk has since been developed into a fully functional mini-site, complete with 55 pages of unique content. The site has also jumped in the serps from page 12 to page 2...
  11. khalid

    _co_uk Tunisia/co/uk - One word generic, 9 years old

    Good morning, Tunisia/co/uk is for sale. It is a one word generic that is 9 years old and currently has just been re-developed with a mini-site. The serps position has jumped from page 6 to page 3 the last time I checked but it is still finding its place and settling. Offers of mid-high...
  12. khalid

    _co_uk Kefalonia - generic, one word, 10 years old

    I'm putting Kefalonia/co/uk up here as I am considering selling this site. I purchased it a few months ago where it was near the bottom of the front page of Google, not monetised or optimised. Since then I completely re-did the site, added unique content to over 50 pages and a gallery...
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