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  1. S

    _co_uk SportswearStore

    £99 Dynadot.com domain Post sold to claim
  2. B

    _co_uk DNShop

    DNShop (co.uk) (DN can be Domain Name, Directory number, Domain Nameserver, Denmark etc). Perfect fit for Domain Name Shop or Denmark Shop and have huge potential if developed. Some Relevant Sales in Past DomainName.com in 1,000,000 USD over Boxcar DomainRegistration.com in 376,480 USD over...
  3. domaininvest

    shoppram.com in Auction

    Shoppram.com now in auction at GoDaddy.
  4. P

    shopoping.com for sale for 3000 usd only

    shopoping.com for sale,
  5. P

    shopoping.com for sale for 3000 usd only

    shopoping.com for sale 3k usd
  6. O


    just snagged this too. any thoughts? x
  7. bulkcorn

    DomainLore Auction RetailShopInsurance.co.uk

    RetailShopInsurance.co.uk is on auction at DL! Closes on Sunday. Get your bid in now!
  8. N

    _co_uk Totstoyshop

    totstoyshop.co.uk Open to all offers buyer to pay nominet fee Can transfer ASAP
  9. essexway


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ChristmasBuy-co-uk-DOMAIN-NAME-WEB-ADDRESS-Xmas-online-shop-gift-store-ecommerce-/360413234177? http://www.christmasbuy.co.uk .
  10. D

    Sightseeing.co.uk & FootballShop.co.uk For Sale

    Hi, We have a few Premium Domain names for sale @ http://bit.ly/v8CL0e The list includes * SightSeeing.co.uk * FootballShop.co.uk - also have the .com Prices are visible on the page above or the domains, willing to listen to offers. Thanks
  11. essexway


    Perfect for online shop selling xmas,tree,decs,gifts,etc Open to offers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360409248603? http://www.christmasbuy.co.uk Auction ends Tues 22nd Nov
  12. AXMatt


    Hi all, Wanting rid of two domains from my portfolio but have another one that can also go. They are (as one package type sale) onestopdrumshop.com onestopdrumshop.co.uk £500 for both!
  13. feKIX

    Small shop website

    Hi All, Im looking to set up pastys.co.uk basically as a small 4-6 page website with 'take all payments' shop, plus customer feedback/enquiry form. I need quotes please... Any interested parties please post here, or email me at info @ PurchaseDOMAIN.co.uk Thanks, Paul
  14. Alien

    _co_uk ilovetoshop.co.uk

    ilovetoshop.co.uk Recent catch/drop, offers invited; just ripe for development. :) Please PM or post, thank you. :D
  15. Alien

    _org_uk £BIN: babyshop.org.uk

    babyshop.org.uk Great name to develop, £BIN is: £50 Thank you. :) PS: Buyer pays Nominet transfer fee.
  16. golddiggerguy

    Shopp plugin

    Just trying this great plugin for word press out which seems to be the dogs bx shopplugin.net Lets you intergrate PayPal with a API Sig which can be generated instantly by paypal. I'll have a play and report back. It's £35 ish but seem worth it to me. :D
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