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  1. G


    hi all, after a lot of consideration, we have decided to sell soccershop.co.uk. could anybody advise what price bracket to expect? thank you. Paul and Marianne
  2. kalor62

    soccerteams.co.uk for sale

    Soccerteams.co.uk + soccerteams.ie This project is based on wordpress multisite, allow to easily register a new website by a user. The back end provides options to manage the soccer team including league schedule, results, league tables, red and yellow cards, goals etc. All is...
  3. F

    InterMilan.me, jvq.tv, ttyl.tv, InterMilan.co - 4 domains / $289!

    InterMilan.me, JVQ.tv, ttyl.tv, & Intermilan.co I will renew the domains for you, so they would be expired in 8/14 and 9/14! Don't miss this premium offer! :idea:
  4. Kandevil

    Sports domains, soccer, football, rugby wanted

    Seeing as a couple of threads I had been watching or had replied to have recently closed, just wanted to put it out there that I am still after decent soccer/rugby/football domain names, with or without active sites. I have bought a few previously and in the market for more.
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