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  1. 3

    _co_uk Adult dating site $314 Revenue since august

    Hi Looking to sell my adult dating website, revenue is made from a banner on the site which is related to adult dating, Site is number 3/4 on google UK for a 20k exact search term Here is some revenue stats from August to Current posting thread date Open to offers, please pm for...
  2. C

    _co_uk Revenue domain - £173 ($270 USD) a month

    teacherspension dot co dot uk Domain sold. Shaun
  3. bougatsa

    golf websites wanted

    Hi all, I'm looking for golf websites for sale. I'll consider anything - developed, partially develop, unloved, neglected, ugly - provided that it has 1 of the following: - keyword rich domain with half decent exacts - existing traffic - at least PR1 Budget is low £xxx. Please PM...
  4. I

    Streetsmanagement.com - For crowd control, traffic barrier,tools & streets management

    Hello, Looking for offers for: streetsmanagement.com Great to sell high value items such a crowd control barrier, traffic cones, machinery, safety equipment and all the derivatives linked to streets management. Happy to answer all your questions.
  5. F

    www.ebayauctionsite.co.uk for sale

    Offers invited... huge traffic direction potential aswell as own website development potential...
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