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Jan 11, 2010
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I'm now at the point that I want to cut down my small potfolio of domain names from 50 to a dozen or so. Time to focus on development on the ones that interest me and give someone else a chance on the others.

Grab yourself a bargain on these reasonable names
I will accept a minimum of £10 each
Make an offer by PM I will accept the highest bidder.

American Flag.org.uk
12000 Local Exacts 40p Ave CPC
(Live Website & Google listed)

1300 Local Exacts 65p Ave CPC

Calf Support.co.uk
260 Local Exacts 44p Ave CPC
(Live Web Site Page 1 on Google)

Thumb Support
390 Local Exacts 44p Ave CPC
(Live Web Site has sales of over £300 on amazon over a year )

B]Car Fire Extinguisher.org.uk[/B]
590 Local Exacts 203p Ave CPC
(Live Web Site Gets loads of visitors but no sales - Page 1 Bing)

390 Local Exacts 32p Ave CPC

260 Local Exacts 60p Ave CPC

260 Local Exacts 60p Ave CPC

B]Garage Door Lock.org.uk[/B]
390 Local Exacts 66p Ave CPC
Live Web Site - Ranked

B]Horizontal Website Templates.co.uk[/B]
One For The Future??

B]Lob Wedge.org.uk[/B]
480 Local Exacts 28p Ave CPC

B]Swivel Bath Seat.co.uk[/B]
390 Local Exacts 52p Ave CPC

B]Teal Rug.co.uk[/B]
720 Local Exacts 46p Ave CPC

B]UV Tent.co.uk[/B]
480 Local Exacts 27p Ave CPC

B]White Converse.co.uk[/B]
1600 Local Exacts 30p Ave CPC

B]White Goods Scrappage.co.uk[/B]
One For The Future??

B]White People.co.uk[/B]
720 Local Exacts 6p Ave CPC
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