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£1000 buys any or all in this portfolio

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Feb 9, 2011
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This is Susannah here. I have listed below, a portfolio with some useful domains. Basically, I am not looking to sell them off piecemeal. I'm driven by the need to fund my studies, as I've explained before. So if you think there are sufficient domains here for you to make good use of, and you're willing to make a good offer, then they're yours (assuming no-one outbids by Thursday). You can have the whole portfolio for that, but assuming you don't want unnecessary renewals, just take your pick.

I'm selling them as a group and you can acquire:

{List of domains, which has been deleted, as they are now in the ownership of someone else, and I want to keep details private}

* * * * * *

Separate to the portfolio above I am willing to accept offers for Poetry.info, for The HumanRace.com (which I think could be huge), and for the pair VerbalReasoning.com and .co.uk. These last four domains are not part of the portfolio.

I am a good seller, picking up good reccs since I joined here. Also, you'd be helping me become a nurse, so your money will be working well for you *and* also hopefully for the people I serve in my future :)

I know my pricing is not crazy unrealistic like you see in some places. Either someone will feel "yes, that's realistic, I could make use of those" or they won't quite be tempted - but I think I'll take a fair price.

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PM for details
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As I have traded with afx before, with lots of confidence on both sides, and as a good price has been offered, I am closing this deal, with apologies to anyone else who was interested, because sometimes that personal trust and confidence is worth more than the possibility of a few hundred pounds higher bid.

So this sale is now closed
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