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£5+ | Topple.me & JavaScripted.net & Many More & Bonus opportunity...

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by Thom, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Hello Acorners,

    Thank you for looking upon my post :)

    All names are currently @ namecheap.com.
    Push to your namecheap account or transfer out.

    PayPal or UK bank transfer.

    * Topple.me - best offer over £20
    * NameProsper.com - £5
    * WebThemed.com - £5
    * WebTemplated.com - £5
    * WebScripted.com - £5
    * TurnSour.com - £5
    * CCBuddie.com - £5
    * phpScripted.net - £20
    * JavaScripted.net - £20
    * Namefolio.org - £5 (£25 with project source code, see below)
    * SpecialFX.tv - £5

    Most of these were for our customer's projects (i'm a developer) but for example the customer pulled out or the project was abandoned other reasons. Since we acquired them they have never been actively used.

    Topple.me - This was for a social voting website where users aim to topple other users from the top spot. This was the perfect name for it. Could have many other meanings and uses, too.

    Namefolio.org - Namefolio was a domain name portfolio management system, built on PHP by myself, but due to time constraints I could no longer continue the project. Think Wordpress but for domain names not blog posts!
    Basic features are complete - Public site, admin site - login, logout, change password, add / edit / delete / search domains, bulk import, namecheap .xml import. Default theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework.
    I'll throw in the source code and full rights to it with the domain namefolio.org. You can continue the project yourself or do whatever you like with it. Just £25! Great opportunity for the first person to grab it. PM me. I'll install it on my site later when I get home so anyone who is interested can check it out.

    UPDATE ~>

    I've now installed it on http://namefolio.org
    and put some more information there.

    It could easily be a lot better, I had many plans for it, but the basics are complete.

    Feel free to play around with it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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