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£6 Sale - Email me for the list... inc. managementguide.co.uk

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Sep 13, 2005
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Having a mega clearout of .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk names (550 names) at £6 each.
Bulk buyers can have 20 names for £100 (£5 each)

Like my New Year sale can you please email me (email link) and I will email you the list on Monday morning 9am sharp.

All sorts in this one. Some good, some bad. You'll have to be quick and on the coffee Monday morning (email being sent at 9am) to bag the best - first come first served. Will be sent as a .xls file.

Email only, dont PM!

- Buyer pays Nom fee
- Instant Transfers
- Pay by BACS (pref) or Paypal

Thanks, Johnny
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can't seem to open the file.... what program do i need to use Ratboy?
I'm running the new Excel and it's causing trouble as it saves in a different format. Great isn't it. have emailed you about it.

Can always dump to txt if it's easier.

Thanks, Johnny
You can click File, however your mouse over 'Save As' and choose 'Excel 97-2003 workbook' Johnny, that makes it backwards compatible.
Cheers Scott, I sent the original 2007 file out, hence the problem!

Some names you might like in there Scott if want a copy let me know.
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