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A better way to manage domains?

Discussion in 'Domain Parking - General' started by danny, Jun 6, 2021.

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    The time has come to find an alternative solution for management of my entire portfolio which contains approx. 40,000+ domains, a small proportion of which are clients’ hosted sites. I’ve been on old legacy systems for far too long now.

    For parking, selling, hosting and management here is what I use:

    Server: Linux (CentOS 7), Apache (2.4)
    Web Host: WHM / cPanel
    Database: phpMyAdmin, MySQL (5.7)
    Domain App: PHP (5.6), Laravel (5.1.6 LTS)

    Issue 1:
    It’s essential I upgrade to MySQL (8.x), PHP (8.x) Laravel (8.x); however, doing so will mean updating all the core code on my domain parking platform which uses an old outdated Laravel version.

    Issue 2:
    My domains are parked as Aliases across (x15 cPanels) due to cPanel’s incapacity to handle more than a max of 3,000 domains in each instance; breaching this limit results in severe performance degradation. This means I have to manage 15 separate hosts and all the files on each, an FTP nightmare!

    Issue 3:
    Using cPanel I’m only able to secure a mere 500 domains per cPanel with SSL Certificates using Lets encrypt’s limitation. This means that only 7,500 out of 40,000 of my parked domains resolve when using http(s)://, this results in a huge amount of lost traffic when visitors don’t use http:// due to their security concerns!

    My Question(s):

    a) Can anybody offer any insight as to what might be a superior and more effective setup to Park, Manage, Sell, and Host domains than what I already have? I am certain cPanel is probably the least attractive and utilised option for domain owners of large portfolios.

    b) Due to the limitations of cPanel, as mentioned above (Issues 2 and 3), can anyone provide me with a solution to these specific problems?

    Please PM me to discuss any details that you wish to keep private.

    Many thanks!
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    I would maybe reach out to Rob who does UKBackOrder / Melita tag , and Alex @monaghan both of those are server monkeys and coders, so likely they will know another way without using cpanel. possibly custom management apps. I don't think the average member will be able to help.

    I can't remember Robs name on here but mail him via UKBO.
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    Alex is probably your best bet. If he's not in a meeting of course :p I don't do custom work.