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Amazon aff sites

Oct 13, 2008
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Anyone having any success with Amazon sites?

I was thinking about making some Amazon aff sites, and thought I'd check out FSB as I'd used that years ago, and it would be an easy way to populate a site with products, then I saw their pricing, FSB was previously $97 per year for unlimited stores, but is now $27 per month for 1 store, or $197 per month for 30 stores, which makes it a non starter for me at those prices.

I had a look around Google for any themes and/or plugins that could be used to add Amazon products, saw WooCommerce mentioned a lot and some themes, looked at the demos, but from what I can see, you can only create one product listing at a time, which would take ages for a full site, considering I have a very long list of domains I was planning on using.

Does anyone know of anything non techy, that can draw multiple products at a time from Amazon in to a WP site?

After not finding much on Google, I was thinking it would be easier to make html sites, again, that would be quicker but still take ages using the Stripe link on Amazon to get one product link at a time for a full site, so I knocked that idea on the head.

To cut down on time, I thought about having a single page with just 9 - 12 products on the page, and above that, have a "the xxxxx.co.uk domain is for sale" with a contact form. I could knock up html sites like that quickly by using the same page for each site, just need to change the small number of product links on each page, but is it worth doing that?
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Yeah, I've seen Paul's site, which looks great and would work for me, but ideally I want to try something myself.

@BG has given me a link to a plugin for doing Amazon stuff, which looks like it will work as I need, that's if I can get it to work lol :D
Does anyone know of anything non techy, that can draw multiple products at a time from Amazon in to a WP site?

My setup is WordPress/WooCommerce - Rehub theme from Codecanyon + Content EGG plugin + Affiliate EGG plugin from Keywordrush. Find those plugins on Codecanyon, in that way, you will pay once instead of yearly. Still a lot of manual work, not so simple as FSB.

also our @Admin is making some decent shoebox money with Amazon sites

Not anymore. To help me out, my friend used a search box on one of my sites to find and buy Amazon products. Amazon found it out and suspended my affiliate account :D
Thanks @Admin, I have the Rehub theme listed in my notes, that was suggested by several sites as the best theme for Amazon sites, and BG also suggested WooCommerce, so that seems the way to go, cheers.

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