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Building a website advice please

Apr 26, 2020
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Hi I’m hoping someone on here can give me some advice please. I want to have a website where I have a menus down the side listing several different topics and each topic with also contain several topics. I then also would like a blog and possibly in the future videos
I have been trying to build a website on Wordpress but I’m not sure if this is capable of building what I’m needing. can anyone advise please if point me in the right direction of somewhere that can
Many thanks
Is there a similar site that you can think of as an example?

Have a browse through themeforest.net for Wordpress theme ideas.
Most wordpress themes have an option for a sidebar area in which you can place whatever widget you want.
Regarding website, I recommend hiring a freelancer. Full range of expertise, also includes qualified people looking to build a reputation, potentially do it cheaper. For your needs, you could get it done for $150 - $200 at UpWork, with a mid-level freelancer, than spending thousands

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