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Bulk domain transfer?

Nov 28, 2019
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Hi everyone. Happy Black Friday :)

I am pretty new in this game and wonder if it is possible to get offers from registrars when mowing approximately 1000 domains?

Anyone experianced here who can guide me with some help:):rolleyes:?
Are you a Nominet member with a tag?

If not, it might be worth your while becoming a member, not only for ease of transfer, but because renewals will be cheaper that way.
1000 domains = new!

I like people who think BIG!
1000 domains = new!

I like people who think BIG!

Thanks :). I ordered my first domain 28.05.2019 actually. It was a welcome offer of 0.88 EUR each domain. I didn't realize it until i had ordered and paid for 1050 domains at that price. The registrar wrote to me and said I had taken advantage of their campaign at its worst. Then i realized i have gotten my domains really cheap and i had not written the terms good enough :) I only acted with good intentions and was shocked when they said it. The Company is bought by GoDaddy now.
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Many registrars offer a very cheap first year registration, but they usually require people to also pay up front for a second year's registration at a much higher price.

It is, I believe, most unusual for any registrar to simply charge 0.88 EUR for a single, standalone year, without any requirement to also pay for the second year's registration.

The registrar currently has to pay £4-50 a domain to Nominet, so on that calculation, they would have lost about £3500 for the deal on your 1000 domains. Sometimes Nominet run offers for their members/registrars at cheaper rates, so it's possible they got away with losing less, but on the face of it, it was a strange deal to offer unless you were required to pay for a costlier 2nd year's registration at the same time.

The other possibility is that in their terms and conditions, you agreed to keep the domain with them for a second year's registration.

* * * * *

What you need to do is get your present registrar to change your TAG to the tag of a different registrar. I believe, as you are the registrant, they are obliged to do that on request... although you'd need to check in advance that a receiving registrar was willing to receive the domains.

If you become a Nominet member, and registrar, it's going to set you back about £600 at the outset, and then about £120 a year after that. In return you get your own TAG and you could then instruct the present registrar to change all 1000 domains from their TAG to your TAG.

That can be done at zero cost, unless in the terms and conditions the current registrar stipulated a transfer out fee as part of the deal. I'm unclear if they're allowed to do that - maybe someone else here could clarify that.

I was in a similar situation with Fasthosts, but it was so simple and easy. I just logged on to my account there, changed the TAG to my own TAG, requested the transfer out of a large number of domains, and they all came through to my TAG and under my control with zero cost to myself.

The bottom line reality is that UK domains, even at the basic Nominet rate will cost £4-50 a year (when you add on VAT) or from January that is going up to £4-68 per domain per year. Very occasionally Nominet may run an offer for members (I'm not at liberty to define those) but take £4-68 as the normal renewal cost for your domains from this coming January.

* * * * *

I'm curious to know what registrar you used with that 0.88 EUR offer, because even if they have now been taken over, it might be possible to track back and read their original terms and conditions via the Wayback machine or some other cached search.

On the face of it, if they let you register at that rate for just a single year, with no obligation to renew, then they made a huge loss from the transaction.

I know registrars quite often offer a 1p cost or very small cost for a first year registration, as a way of luring people to their business, but any sensible registrar would make that conditional on a significantly costlier second year, bought at the same time, otherwise they are just losing money. They may hope to recoup losses by selling additional services, but in reality unless they are paid £9 for 2 years' registration they have made a loss, on the registrations at least.
I'd always recommend getting in touch with new registrar about bulk transfers/discounted renewal fees, many will do you a good deal at that scale.

Unless you plan on buying a number of .UK domains, it may be easier/cheaper to simply find a registrar prepared to do a good deal due to the scale of your portfolio and for .UK domains it'll be a free transfer as mentioned.

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