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.com, .co.uk and a trademark for a learning business

Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by Chrisss, Dec 5, 2021.

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    Hi there, I have coolname.com coolname.co.uk and a UK trademark for coolname in respect of three trademark classes relating to education and training services and products. This was for an online training business I set up but another business was growing faster for me so I devoted my energies to that instead.

    I still think online learning is an absolutely prime industry to be in and this is a pretty good brand name off the shelf, so it is probably worth significantly north of £1k. But I can't obviously see a service that lets me bundle them together in such a way that the presence of a trademark is not an actual barrier to using the domains.

    Valuation is going to be hard, so I was assuming auction is the only thing that captures the true value at a point in time. I'm not in a hurry to sell, but I don't want to underprice it. I currently have my own custom landing page inviting enquiries, but that only produces spam. I'm open to ideas, and I'm not shy of seling online on commission or giving commission to someone who can introduce a buyer.

    I'd be really grateful for any advice on this :) Thank you in advance.
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