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Cryptocurrency and NFT Website for Sale

Jun 29, 2007
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I have an 18 month old cryptocurrency and NFT website for sale (short generic .com with NFT in the title).

The site now has 89 'how to' and educational articles in total, all written by someone very experienced in the industry - just one article was written with the help of AI for testing purposes.

Each article has an average of 1,640 words each, and the site has approx. 140,000 words in total. Even at a measly $0.03 a word it would cost $4,200 to recreate the site, plus the site age means it's already out of the G sandbox.

Treat as no revenue (it makes a few dollars with ads) and traffic is currently around a few hundred visitors a month.

Unfortunately I fell ill early 2023 and as such I am no longer able to devote any time to the site, I hoped I could, but really this is a prime site to take forward - especially with news of Blackrock's BTC ETF and the current and future hype around.

For a very quick sale to pay some outstanding medical bills I am listing this for just £1,350.

I have been a member on Acorn Domains since 2007, with many buys and sells during this time, this is a genuine website and a genuine sale.

Please PM for details.
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