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Direct.uk delay and the CEO's career development

Discussion in '.UK Domain Name Consultations' started by Lucien Taylor, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. Lucien Taylor

    Lucien Taylor Active Member

    May 2013
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    Posted to Nominet forum:

    So, rumour has it that the CEO is battling for a new job at ISOC [http://kierenmccarthy.com/2013/11/20/isoc-ceo-to-be-decided-later-this-week/]

    2 Questions:

    Would Nominet please reassure the members that the rumours are not correct and that the CEO is wholly committed to her job?

    Please confirm that the current situation with the company delaying the critical announcement about direct.uk proposals is in fact in company’s best interest, and not (if the above rumours are correct) some sort of accommodating the CEO’s personal career development?
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  3. Stephen United Kingdom

    Stephen Well-Known Member

    Jan 2006
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    How many reasons do you need?

    POSTED on Nominet Forum

    Thanks for posting.

    The importance of the issues Nominet is deciding upon should in itself, be a large enough reason for Nominet to announce the decision or why it is taking so long.

    The time delay past even Nominet own timetable should be reason enough for an update.

    The few posts here on the Nominet forum and phone calls to Nominet asking Nominet what is happening should be enough reason to make an announcement.

    The commitment on 18th June to engage more with the membership should be enough reason for an update.

    The commitment at the .uk V2 first round table to be transparent and Nominet commitment given to being more open should be enough reason for an update.

    Now this, how many reasons do Nominet need before it provides at least an update on;
    • .uk
    • New registrar agreement
    • Revised date for 2013 Registrar meeting
    • Roadmap on UK namespace security
  4. foz

    foz Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Oct 2006
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    Pave a path of least resistance for her? Members would be well pleased to see her move on (heal the wounds etc). If a decision on .uk has been made and she does get the job then that would be complicated. Perhaps they are delaying the decisions (as you say above) on the outcome of the posting.
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